Taximtown hotels build splendid facilities for cosy and comfortable accommodation.

Taximtown Hotels continues to serve Taksim, Beyoğlu and Taxim Town Hotel and Elite facilities. We continue our efforts to locate our facilities in the most lively areas of the city.

TaximTown Hotels has two hotels in Taksim and Beyoğlu, the most lively district of Istanbul. Our organization continues to work in the most vibrant regions of Turkey in the hospitality industry. In parallel with the works that increase the quality of services, the Company continues its investments to increase the capacity of beds and accommodation. TaksimTown Hotels, Umit Bal Tourism Ltd. Sti. is a quality brand that is developing within its structure.

Our hotels, which we continue to operate with a modern and developing understanding, serve in Taximtown Hotel and Elite Taksim, Beyoğlu, Istanbul. The Taxim Town Hotel features 36 rooms with modern, artistic and elegant design. The unique bed, breakfast and other accommodation in a central setting offers the best of facilities. Our rooms, which we classify as Deluxe Double Room, Deluxe Triple Room, Deluxe Family Room, have contemporary design and luxury facilities that meet all needs. The Taxim Town Elite is designed to be extremely tasteful and comfortable. We continue to welcome our guests by increasing our service quality in our hotels day by day.

Our capacity in our hotels 25 Deluxe Double, 17 Deluxe Triple, 12 pieces.

Deluxe Double Room, quiet and comfortable air-conditioned rooms, in the center of Istanbul, offers pleasant accommodation.

The Deluxe Triple Room is a stylish combination of classic and modern furniture.

The Deluxe Family Room is designed to make the whole family comfortable.

There is a cozy lounge, restaurant and common areas where guests can enjoy tea, coffee and other beverages every day. A tasty breakfast is served daily. Guests are offered free soft drinks, tea, coffee and cookies.

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